Saturday, August 21, 2010

Tickled pink!


This is hilarious.

Quote from "The Devil wears Prada"

~ Yes. That's what this whole multibillion-dollar industry is about : inner beauty.~

I used to be a Chemical Laboratory Analyst. I loved my clothes, my shoes and my makeup. I go to work, dressed to the nines, sky high stilettos and make sure that my hair is in place after I take my full clean-room suit off. I translated French Operating Procedures to English and trained workers who do not understand why traces of metal found on silicon means thousands of dollars of money going down the drain and the very reason why your electronic devices will not work properly because of that miniscule bit of copper or iron found in the very microchip that screws up your whole computer and in turn you can't blog about how empty women who have a full wardrobe leading empty lives.

It is, the very woman, who now is responsible of moulding and inspiring the young, the importance of education and the importance of being able to get that job which pays for the roof over their head, the bills that comes like clockwork every time and the food that is put on the table.

I am the woman, who loves having her own herb garden, supports Adoption Drives for homeless pets, baking luscious molten chocolate lava cakes and Halloween-themed sugar cookies, says a constant prayer for her mum and makes sure to say "I love you" to her darling everyday, just in case, she never gets to do so the next day.

Never forget that fashion, is a multi-billion industry, the same one that give millions of people, be it in a third world country jobs and puts food on THIER tables from making that very same nubbly old granny panty that you wear underneath the greying sweatshirt which you never bothered to throw out despite the numerous holes from feeding silverfish in the closet.

It is the same industry that women, like me, who contributes to the world's economy despite the economic downturn, by purchasing the countless number of shoes and clothes that make their wardrobes full and take their husbands or boyfriends breath away when they go out for dinner. The same pair of heels, which accentuates the curves of a woman and in turn plays on the desires of the male counterpart and on THEIR shallow desires.

If it were to be said that the fashion industry is just playing with women's insecurities, isn't it the same industry that is targeting people who hides behind their computer monitor, commenting under a pseudonym and living sad, lonely lives. The same people who buys their clothing from piles of clothes in bargain stores, not realizing that the pile of clothes comes from the same people working in sweatshops in third world countries.

I don't take offense to whatever the person who commented on about how my life is empty, despite the number of clothes and shoes I have. Actually, I thank you, whoever you are.

A reader from Australia, I presume, put dragonette and my blog as examples for the world to read. Love the sudden surge of traffic! THANK YOU! Even E@L agrees to that and I quote his comment on my Facebook "there's no such thing as bad publicity!" hehe


I am linking my fellow blogger & girlfriend, The Sybarite. A fellow educator and shopaholic. She too, is very amused after reading the article and comment from "EMPTY". Made our lazy Sunday very colorful indeed!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Hong Kong Shopping Haul

Did you guys have fun on the National Day Weekend? I sure did! My girlfriend and I decided to fly to Hong Kong for a quick shopping holiday. Didn't get what we wanted, that is, Christian Louboutin at SGD$200 (or SGD$300 even!) but it was all good! OMG, honestly, if you don't mind off season stuff, everything was going for a song at about 70% off!

We flew via Tiger Airways and stayed at Largos Hotel on Nanking Street, a few steps away from Jordan MTR and about two blocks away from Temple Street which we had seafood like there was no tomorrow! Their bamboo clams were soooo good and soooo cheap!

I fell in love with Hong Kong for its colourful and vibrant character (not to mention its warehouse outlet shopping haven :p), but what I did not like was, the smog and pollution that made my buggers black and icky when I blew my nose in the morning. Gross!! Nevertheless, Hong Kong, I will see you again :)

From H&M

Bangles! I love the faux leather woven bangle/bracelet things. Very Bottega Venetta!
Hair bands
Ear studs. They were like SGD7 (or was it SGD$5) for a set of 3. I was particularly attracted to the 'sepak takraw' woven ear studs so I got them in both colors. Hehe
Stackable rings. These were too cute to miss!
A pressie for my baby brother. Rockstar leather cuff.
Ehem. naughty and nice inner stuff ;)
Slouchy top with rhinestones. Super comfy, super cute! I wanted to get them in white and dusty pink as well, but they ran out of them in XS :(
Work pencil skirt. Love the seamed details and the flattering cutting. My girlfriend bought the same pair as well!
Chilli red shirtdress. I love shirtdresses. I have them in white, olive, black, khaki... get the picture?
This was actually my girlfriend's. I accidentaly paid for it after it got into my basket. I tried it on afterwards and loved it! So its mine now heh! Sheer pink blouse. Perfect for work with a camisole inside or on flirty Sundays paired with shorts and pretty espadrilles.
This was the last item I found on my last walkthrough of H&M before I headed to the counters. The boyfriend blazer is very in style right now. Paired with jeans, jeggings (LOVE!), skirts and just adds an instant "posh" and "pizzaz" to an outfit. (Think Victoria Beckham or Kim Kardashian) I love love LOVE this blazer, it fits so well, and the cheeky hot pink lining on the black is just spells out my name. Girlfriend loved it so much and begged me to ask friends in Hong Kong to ship over a pair for her. She missed out on the blazer because she was trying on so much stuff in the dressing room while I was doing the final walkthrough.

From Cotton On
I know, I know, we have Cotton On here in Singapore, but I found hidden treasures!
A cropped tshirt, cute polkadot dress and a ultra cheeky makeup case (my current makeup case is half rotten, so this is a replacement!)
***Note the "Indiana" on the cropped tee ;)

LUSH Goodies
Clockwise from the green stuff. Demon In The Dark, Sexy Peel, Ma Bar, Honey I Washed The Kids, Amandopondo, Glorious Mud and Karma. Bubble bars, soaps and scrubs that smell oh so yummy!

Finally... SHOES!!
Jimmy Choo Rhodes Crushed Patent in Magenta

Giuseppe Zanotti Vernice Papavero Slingbacks

Pedder Red Thigh High Boots. These boots have serious magic ;) Amazing fit for little ol' me. Ehem, try getting these for that needed KAPOW! in the bedroom *giggle*

These are just my hauls. My girlfriend and I shared ONE suitcase (budget airlines, hello?). We squeezed everything in one suitcase. I remembered having to sit on the suitcase and trying to close it shut. Next time we're bringing one suitcase each! :)

Hope you enjoyed the pictures! xoxo

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

New shoes!

Heh.. went on a shopping spree lately. Here's my small shoe haul!

From "Stile". Very soft comfortable leather!

From Aldo. Now, what took me so long to get a pair of pink heels?!

** STILE is located at 313@Somerset (heard they opened another outlet at Marina Bay Sands)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

2 years...

and counting .....

Christian Louboutin Rolando 120 in yellow! Love love love love love!

Thank you so much my darling! Happy 2 years :) It has been an amazing journey and I look forward to many more adventures with you.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

MAC B2M Project

Remember my depotting project I did a few weeks ago? Well, I did a B2M with all my empties and look at the babies I got in exchange!

3 new Lippies!

For those who don't know, every 6 empty MAC containers can be exchanged for a lipstick over the Singapore counters. You can choose any colour except for the Viva Glam ones.

love love love!

(from left) Capricious-Lustre, Hug Me-Lustre and Cosmo-Amplified

I am now waiting for the MAC pro store in Ngee Ann City to stock up their empty blush palette (so I can exchange one empty eyeshadow palette which I got extra thinking that I had more eyeshadow pots). I have enough to do maybe 2 more B2M rounds! Wooohooo! New lippies and saving the earth!

Long overdue!

I did a little cheap haul to replace my old stuff which is disintegrating over time and use. Did some online shop at :

Mr Postman was my best friend that day :)

Everything was packed really nicely. Really thick bubble wrapping. I was impressed!


I bought 5 empty jars to fill them up with MAC pigments for a friend. She wanted to buy every colour I had, so I filled them up with 1/4 (actually more) teaspoon of every piggies I had. I already had like 12 empty jars, but wasn't enough, so I bought more. 5 empty jars for $3.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Monistat Anti-Chafing Gel - Now, I know it sounds funny or icky, but there have been a lot of raves about this product. Used as a foundation primer, it helps your makeup stay put on your face longer. It contains the same active ingredient as expensive primers.

28-piece neutral palette - I don't have neutral eye colours believe it or not, and this is a really cheap alternative to have colours added to the collection :)

Mini-camouflage palette - I am almost running out of concealer, I got this because of the many shades I can use and blend according to my skin tone (I get really tanned at times so, this helps a lot! No opposite panda eyes!)

Essence of Beauty Deluxe Duo Face Brush set. No shedding so far, which is always good. I love the foundation and concealer brush. Helps 'paint' your foundation on and give that dewy finish.

Free ecoTools 6-piece brush set! Handles are made from bamboo, brush roll made from natural cotton and hemp and synthetic Taklon bristles which are surprisingly super super soft! You can try them at Watson's stores.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Tagged by E@L - Meme

Argh. I don't like memes. Being tagged, that is *frown*

1. Who was your 3rd grade teacher and were you in love with her? (Lesbian lust is OK, in fact even better.)

She was an older attractive unmarried (dunno what was wrong with her) woman who has really nice handwriting. She taught us english and music. She loved to pinch the naughty ones in class on the boobs. Boys or girls, no difference. Pinch, means pinch. I didn't get pinched, I was the teacher's pet *wink*

2. Is yours an examined life? If yes, did you find anything interesting?

Not really. I don't 'examine' my life, but I do constant reflection. Anything interesting? Yes, I have gone through the loss of my parent(s), divorce and retrenchment at a very young age. Stuff where normally people go though when they are pretty much going through a mid life crisis.

3. How high is the tallest mountain you have climbed, skied down, or tripped over (question for Singaporeans)?

The Jungfraujoch 3,471 m (11,388 ft) and Titlis 3,238 m (10,623 ft) in Switzerland. Does snowboarding count?

4. Speaking of storms, do you know, or DID you know, anyone who has been struck by lightning? Or indeed, by lighting?

Not that I can remember.

5. What do you like most about your job/studies/unemployment cheques?

Inspiring the young 'uns :) My unemployment cheque sucked.

6. Men: are you Miles or Jack? Women: are you Maya or Stephanie, Jack's fiancee or Miles' ex-wife? (You haven't seen Sideways? Why am I even talking to you?)

Who???? Is this an old people's movie?

7. Would you rather write best-selling pulp genre fiction, or an art-house novel that confirms your towering genius but that not even your most sympathetic friends would read, except MAYBE under threat of torture? Trick question, eh what?


8. Have you ever been on a cruise? On a ship I mean, not wearing leather and trying to pick up Mr Goodbar. If yes, did you fall in love on it, the cruise?

No. Would love to though, someday.

9. Other than "I think, therefore I am", can you quote a major philosopher NOW? Without having to look one up? (Descartes doesn't count, he was a mathematician.) Please share your quote, if you have one. (I'm thinking, this is a wasted question.)

Hehe. I just did this in class the other day. Quotes from 5 famous people/philosophers. Here's one I chose for for my subject - SCIENCE :)

An American monkey, after getting drunk on brandy, would never touch it again, and thus is much wiser than most men.
Charles Darwin

10. Do you pay for an online newspaper? If so, which one? (If you are about to say The Straits Times, please leave this blog immediately.)

No. Someone else pays for me :)


I am breaking the tag. I am not tagging anyone. HAH!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Project Depot

Had an itch to declutter. So I went out, bought myself an empty MAC palette and depotted all of my MAC single eyeshadows. I will not depot my mineral e/s or those that come in limited edition casings.

I used the straightening iron menthod of depotting and it was oh so easy! No mess :)

Disclaimer: This is not my video tutorial. Grabbed it from YouTube for you guys to follow as well.

Here's my depot artwork!
Nothing much compared to the mega makeup ladies out there :)
Very proud of myself! Now I can B2M my empties for lippies! woohoo!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Zara Mini Haul

Needed retail therapy and some replacements for work basics. So one lovely Sunday, after some yummy dim sum brunch at Cherry Garden (Mandarin Oriental), I went shopping with the beau in tow. I like shopping with the beau coz he's got pretty good taste in women's fashion :) After a quick hour, I ended up with these:

Love sometimes comes in paper bags :)

Beau got these for me <3 On sale at SGD59.90
Very versatile and surprisingly very comfy! Thank you darling!

Black and white basic tops. Worn mine out to death and its time for a replacement. SGD19.90 each.

Army green button down shirt dress. I LOVE military/safari colors. Can be buttoned up for work (and of course unbuttoned further for play *grin*)
SGD89.90 (?? I guess, can't really recall)

After shopping, its was off for beers and margaritas with the guys. Boyfriend in hand, shopping paperbags in his hands, what more can a girl ask for :)