Friday, March 12, 2010


Its that time again. When payday comes, I get all the essentials stocked up and ready for battle. Toiletries! I get them every two months. Ladies, I know you feel me. We don't use the same stuff on our hair, face and neither regions (beau: *rolls eyes*)

I get my toiletries from where I know sells cheaper than G***dian or W***ons. I save more than $50 every time I do my purchases.

Here's today's haul at Ocean (Chinatown):

Facial wash - Olay Total Effects Cream Cleanser (SGD4.90)

Essential Rich Premier Shampoo
Essential Rich Premier Conditioner
Head & Shoulders Anti Dandruff Shampoo (Use this once a week to strip off the week's gunk)

L'oreal Lumi Oil Number 2 - I still have a quarter of a bottle left, and will last me a few more months before I will have to buy it next. SGD12.90 (Retailing at SGD35-40 at salons. RIPOFF!)
(I remember saying that I used #3 in my previous post, sorry peeps, its #2 for rebonded hair)

Olay Total Effects SPF15 Anti Aging Moisturizer. Very important to moisturize you face if not you'll end up having premature wrinkles! You wouldn't want to have leathery skin on your face even with a hot body ok?

Neutrogena Deep Clean Scrub. Decided to give this a try once my L'oreal Whitening one finishes. SGD6.90

Rexona Deodorant. MUST HAVE. Me have sweaty pits. Me sweat like a man. Not nice. SGD3.60 (I bought the same thing for twice the price at the supermarket C**d St***ge. Basket!)


Pearlie White toothpase
Carefree pantyliners for g-strings SGD3.50 each pack

Ever since I found out that toiletries sold at Chinatown are so much cheaper, it makes it all worth to go down and stocking up for a month or two (or longer for some stuff such as eye cream and hair serums).

Ocean (toiletries Shop)
People's Park Market
3rd floor

Chinatown is well known to sell toiletries at a much lower price so go check it out and see how much you can save :)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Magazine GWP Alert - L'Officiel/Ed.Pinaud Giveaway

I caved in to the rave. L'Officiel magazine was giving away Ed. Pinaud eyeshadow quads worth $59 with every magazine FREE! (price tagged at $6.90 at newstands) Worth every penny!


I got two of the last 3 copies available at the Cheers store near my place. The cashier was so awesome to let me open every plastic baggy and check which colours they were. The Cheers store had two #1s, and one #2 so, I grabbed one of each. Very pretty right?


Hazelnut Chocolate #1
Smokey Emerald #2

Worth every $6.90 for every magazine purchased! What are you waiting for?

Will do swatches and FOTDs soon!