A little bit of shopping at Valentino

It was the holidays. I got bored at home and there was nothing much I could do. I couldn't reorganize my makeup, or my ward-room (Its a room converted to a full-on walk-in closet. Thank you, dear hubby!) because it is due for a massive overhaul and things will get changed around there.

I threw away TONS of makeup, mainly due to them just being old, started to get moldy before their expiry date (yes, much heartbreak indeed!) In a way, it was good because now I can just streamline my makeup and be less of a hoarder.  No way in hell am I able to be a 'capsule wardrobe' person. I can deal with wearing the same outfit every week. Seriously.

Aaaaanyway, that was a LOOONG irrelevant intro. Ramble ramble ramble. I will share with you my walk-in wardroom adventure soon ok?

Husband was away at work that day and I told him I wanted some "me time" and he said "well, go shopping then. Enjoy!" And so I did!

I had a small agenda. To check out the prices of some items in the store, and compare to online websites. Needless did I know that I will do THIS!

I left Valentino with a HUGE bag.

All I was going to look and try on were these navy suede Rockstud ballerinas. The moment I put them on, they fit wonderfully!

As I was wandering around the store, the SA said casually "oh we are having a sale, 40% off these items from hereeee.... to there.." while flailing her arms in almost a ballet dance-like move. I could have sworn she did a pirouette when she did that. My eyes just went wide open and I couldn't help but turn into Cheshire Cat. "This? and this? and this? Are they all on sale??"

Then my eyes zoomed into this:

It is the small rockstud top handle (RTP USD2130) in navy, matching the suede ballerinas perfectly! It was large enough to fit my disgustingly huge "BigMac" wallet, phone, car key, and lipstick. It wasn't too large and clunky either. Perfect! You could carry it crossbody for a more casual look or sling the top handle on the crook of your elbow for more formal occasions. I love that it still has the signature rockstud design and yet doesn't yell "THIS IS DESIGNER!"

I didn't spend too much time in town. I was just too scared that I would spend more money when left unattended and unsupervised. I had a little bit of a buyer's remorse after that, but I was also feeling a little bit child-like and giggly inside because it's been a while since I went for a nice shop by myself in the physical stores.


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