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A little bit of shopping at Valentino

It was the holidays. I got bored at home and there was nothing much I could do. I couldn't reorganize my makeup, or my ward-room (Its a room converted to a full-on walk-in closet. Thank you, dear hubby!) because it is due for a massive overhaul and things will get changed around there. I threw away TONS of makeup, mainly due to them just being old, started to get moldy before their expiry date (yes, much heartbreak indeed!) In a way, it was good because now I can just streamline my makeup and be less of a hoarder.  No way in hell am I able to be a 'capsule wardrobe' person. I can deal with wearing the same outfit every week. Seriously. Aaaaanyway, that was a LOOONG irrelevant intro. Ramble ramble ramble. I will share with you my walk-in wardroom adventure soon ok? Husband was away at work that day and I told him I wanted some "me time" and he said "well, go shopping then. Enjoy!" And so I did! I had a small agenda. To check out the prices of some

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