Makeup MAYhem #2: Catrice Cosmetics

The problem about wandering off alone during during lunch just means there is no one to drag you away from cosmetic stands. 

So yes, a skip and hop to Catrice Cosmetics stand left me leaving with two of these gorgeous Infinite Shine Lipglosses and probably 43862 swatches on the back of my hand. 

Now do you know why I left with these two gorgeousness? I just personally think that they should change the name of this product to lip lacquers because of their SUPER pigmented colours. The packaging on this product looks like MAC lipglasses and they don't look cheap at all! Price tag: $5.90! Ka-chinggg!! I left skipping out of Guardian with Pink Twice (top), which is a beautiful, a wee bit metallic fuchsia and Walk The Coraline (bottom), which is a gorgeous coral colour with very teeny tiny glitter. 

My skin tone is Tarte's light-medium neutral shade for reference. Look how pigmented "Walk The Coralina" is. The formula is non-sticky and (bonus!)with no funky smell or taste. 

A swatch of "Pink Twice". Almost an electric fuchsia with equally pigmented formula. So so so beautiful! This reminded me of a Chanel lipgloss I had many many many moons ago (forgot the name, ha!) 

That's it, I am going back for more Catrice products! Go getchoo some! 


Unknown said…
Great blog! I'm always looking for ideas for long lasting makeup and different applications. Thanks!
loveforheels said…
Thank you for stopping by. Truly appreciate the great encouragements :)

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