Three Beauties Pressed Powder

An impromptu trip to Mustafa Centre led me to wander across the makeup isles and wanting to try the classic Three Beauties pressed powder. Hey, it was $3.70 and why not give it a try? 

I am in the shade 01 Natural. This product claims to be shine free, sebum control, non-comodogenic and has a flawless finish. 

Verdict? I love it (apart from its slightly strong perfume-y scent, which I have come to overcome and doesn't bother me at all.) as an everyday powder which is cheap as chips! It doesn't melt off my face on super hot days and doesn't break me out at all. My T-zone is naturally oily with any pressed powder I use anyway so it's really a great one to have if you are on a budget or want to be a little adventurous in trying out 'underdog' brands of makeup. So far so good! 

Let me know in your comments what other makeup brands which are always passed and surprise you. I would love to try out your suggestions! 


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