Real Techniques review - Makeup MAYhem Day #1

After lemming for a while, I bought two Real Techniques brushes and two of their Miracle Complexion Sponges via I did check the brushes out at Watsons and compared the prices online with shipping. Update: Real Techniques now ship worldwide from their website and they just launched their limited edition palettes! 

If you didn't know, Real Techniques was founded by Sam and Nic Chapman, or better known as pixiwoo on YouTube. There two ladies are pro makeup artists and have many, many years of experience is the industry. Loads of makeup tutorials and tips on their YouTube channel. 

The brushes are fully synthetic (Taklon) and are really plush and soft on my skin. 

What I got: 
a) Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge USD6.00 
b) Real Techniques Your Finish/Perfected Blush Brush USD9.00 
c) Real Techniques Your Base/Flawless Powder Brush USD9.99

The blush brush is very soft and fluffy and picks up quite a decent amount of product. Be careful with ultra pigmented products, you do not want to end up looking like a geisha, gah! Picture above shows the size comparison against my cheek show you the size of the brush head. Pardon my red eyes, this picture was taken at 6am in the morning as I was getting ready for work. Picture below shows you the brush size against my Jill Stuart Blusher.

The two brushes are really value for money. Good quality brushes without breaking the bank. Highly recommended! So far no shedding yet. Fluffy and not scratchy on the skin. 

The Miracle Complexion Sponge is a dream to work with. If you use liquid foundations, a damp sponge helps you really blend in and gives you a flawless finish compared to a foundation brush which can give you streaky brush lines if you do not blend well. I have never owned or used a Beauty Blender, but what I have heard from other beauty bloggers and YouTube gurus, the RT blending sponge is VERY comparable to the Beauty Blender. Please do make sure you wash your sponge thoroughly at least once a week of usage. Die die must try! 


Señorita Rita said…
I like the RT blush brush, but their sponge is a dream come true!:)
loveforheels said…
Hi Margarita,

Thank you for taking the time to read and comment. Yes yes! I am so in LOVE with the sponge now I don't think I ever want to go back to using brushes to apply my foundations :) <3

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