Major Zalora shoes haul

It has been a while that I bought shoes. Honest. It came to a point where a number of my heels were falling apart, and you know what I mean by shoes falling apart especially in our tropical weather. I threw out 4 pairs of Aldo shoes and that is an easy $450 in the bin. Worn to death, worn to our weather torture. Its a horrible feeling to have to bin the shoes really.So I did a cleanup to what needs to be thrown out, fixed or donated. I honestly don't think I made a dent in how much stuff I own. 

Back to shoes! I had a 15% off discount coupon code from and I took the opportunity to replace the shoes I had thrown out. I also got two pairs of cheapie sunglasses to chuck in the car. 

Well, here's the loot:

 It was basically a mountain of parcels. Excite! 
Beware, picture heavy post coming up.

Yes, I bought 7 pairs of shoes! These puppies cost less than half the cost of the 4 pairs of Aldos that went to their grave. Pardon the mess in the background, we moved (yet again) last summer :D 

1) Ezra Cut Out Pointed Wedge in Nude 

What a beauty! Sexy peekaboo cutouts

And because I love the design so much, I bought the exact in black.

b) Ezra Cut Out Pointed Wedge in Black

Love how edgy yet playful this pair is.

c) Ezra High Heel Mule Sandals in Red 

d) Koumi Koumi Noddy Aztec Print Wedges in Nude 

e) Ezra Pointed Toe Slingbacks in Blue 

So chic with pants, don't you think? 

f) Edge LORA Peeptoe Monochrome Striped Wedges 

Cutout wedge detail.

g) Velvet Qlaudia Patent Pointed Heels in Lime 

h) Top: Something Borrowed : Cat-Eyed Sunglasses SGD$17.90
    Bottom: Something Borrowed : Oval Reflective Sunglasses SGD$17.90
**There was a promotion for Something Borrowed brand; 30% off bundle deal for min. 2 items so $10.74 off for these two babies!**

Delivery for Zalora is amazingly quick! At most, I waited for 2 days for my orders, delivered to my doorstep. Great for last minute wardrobe headaches. The postman (in this case, postlady), got shocked because I opened the door for her even before she got to my doorstep, haha! All thanks to my two cats who would greet anyone at the door even before they would come up to ring the doorbell. 

Highly recommend to check Zalora out if you haven't. Hey, even their return system is pretty easy too! Thanks for stopping by!


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