Shoppaholic goes budget!

I love shopping*, well, so does any other woman. I'd call them a liar if they said they don't like to shop. Whether its shoes, bags, clothes, makeup or even books and stationery, its still shopping! Inspired by my ever so enthusiastic girlfriend, R, I decided to to drop the emo, and blog about my wardrobe, tips for finding the awesome-most deals and steals and Sales Sales SALES!!!

Not everyone can afford a $400 dress paired with $200 shoes (even if they are already 70% off retail price...) In my humble opinion, looking good doesn't require you to break the bank. All it takes is a good eye and open mind to the endless possibilities the fashion and retail world has to offer! :)

Here's to shoppaholics (including those who are in denial of being one)! xoxo

*understatement, really, I LOVE shopping


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