I have never really made a wishlist ever in my life for Christmas or for my birthday, I decided, hey why not this year *grin* :P

-the new Ipod Nano in pink. It comes with FM tuner!! Engraved with words of wisdom/love.
Get it from Apple Online Store and engraving is free.
Accessories such as protective sock, bling earphones are most welcome :)

erm... i dunno what else.

ah, now I know...

-English rose tea set (for days that I can invite my gfs over for tea and cupcakes :))

-English rose printed apron

-(almost) endless supply of Post-Its in different sizes and colours. Please don't give me plain boring Yellow Post Its.

-Vouchers to spend at Ikea

-Pink themed stationery

-Aqua Di Parma perfume

-Vouchers to spend at Charles & Keith

-A Blackberry Bold/Tour (just being hopeful here...)

-Martha Stewart Books

-Martha Stewart craft stuff (doily perforators, hole punchers, stickers, label makers, whatever you can find on www.marthastewart.com )


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