The fingers need twiddling. While the Significant Other twiddles HIS fingers on his Xbox console, I thread, twirl, snip and tweak my beads, pearls and gemstones. I have been pretty much a crafty person as far as I can remember, inherited much from my beloved late mom :)

A few pictures :) *psst, they're for sale too. Just email me.

Smokey quartz, Swarovski crystals and Czech glass earrings.


Winter Sonata
I call this Winter Sonata because it somehow reminds me of winter :) Made of Polish and Swarovski crystals, Swarovski pearls and smokey quartz to match the earrings.

Made from amazonite faceted ovals and beads. I personally love this piece because its got the ethnic character and does not overwhelm my Thumbelina frame :)


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