Growing the tresses out!

Have been trying to grow out my hair for the longest time ever and its gotten to almost where I want the length to be. The aim:

Dark shiny long tresses like Nicole (her killer abs included)

Or the gorgeous Kim :) me likey!

My hair was in a mess when I permed and bleached it years back. I decided to chop them all off and let it regrow. Oh the pain of having SHORT UGLY MINAH FRIED YELLOW HAIR is just too painful. I know hate is a strong word to use, but yes, that was how much I hated it! I couldn't do much for a while because it would do more harm than good for the hair.

I resorted to hair serums/tonics to help encourage healthy hair growth. I tried Kaminomoto Hair Growth Accelerator (about $20+ from Watsons, but I got my supplies cheaper at my 'secret' super cheap toiletries haunt) I know it sounds funny, but it does help! But you gotta remember that good blood circulation helps hair growth, use the tips of your fingers or a good hair brush to get the blood circulation going every day and night.

Hair masks once/twice a week ( I used more than that because the hair was too dry!) I cheated a bit coz I used the hair mask as a conditioner sometimes when I felt the hair frizzed up too much in out stinking hot humid weather!

I used the L'oreal Smooth Intense Anti Frizz Hair mask. Verdict: Pretty good, hair smells great and smooth after the wash. Obvious tamed hair. I have a LOT of hair on my head. When I say that, my hairdresser says that my whole head of hair is equivalent to THREE normal heads. Yup. He told me to NEVER come to him if I wanted extensions (it would cost a bomb anyway. How does at least $500 sound to you for hair extensions?) because he'll have his arms fall off the shoulder sockets once he's done with my hair. Perhaps I must treat him to lunch everytime I go visit him now :p *guilty*


Newest item on the market, the Essential Damage Care Hair Mask Series :) There are two tubs available. The Essential Damage Care Nuance Airy and the Essential Damage Care Rich Premier range. I love both of them! I alternate the tubs ever week of usage to get bouncy and well moisturized hair. I swim quite a bit every week and I love diving, so these factors add on the damage to my hair. I did darken my hair a few months back to get rid of the ugly minah rust colour left from the initial massacre.

Photobucket Photobucket

Verdict: I love them! They make my hair smells so nice that I kep on 'schwing schwinging' my hair everytime I used them. About $10 per tub at Watsons :)

I do slap on a bit of stuff on my hair especially if I am styling my hair. I use the curling iron and hair dryer a lot so I do make sure that at least I put on some form of heat hair protectant on my hair. I use the L'oreal Liss Ultime Reflexium thermo smoothing oil. This is used specially when I am blowdrying or curling my hair. Here's the pic. Salons sell them at $30-$45 and rip you guys off, but I get them at my regular toiletries shop and get it at a fraction of the price :)


The last item that is in my toiletries basket in the bathroom is L'oreal Lumi Oil Smoothing Essence. I use this after towel drying the hair in the mornings when I am lazy to get the hair dryer plugged in, or when I'm done with blowdrying (plus heat protectant) at the ends to smooth out the frizz and keep the hair in place. Just a small squirt will do. This will weigh down your hair if too much is used. I use half a pump and its more than enough for the whole head so you ladies who have less hair than I do, a tiny squirt will do fine :) I use the L'oreal Lumi-Oil number 3. There are a few levels available, for permed hair, curly hair, colored hair, etc. I have rebonded hair so, I use level 3. This retails for $30-$45 in salons as well (bloody ripoffs!) PM me for details to get cheaper toiletries :)


Here's the butterflied pic of my hair :) Getting there, my hair, getting there.

I'll try to be more diligent and post more stuff. Am just too busy with work and Uni. Watch this space for more updates! xoxo


Anonymous said…
How much growth did you get with Kaminomoto? Per month?
loveforheels said…
I really cannot remember how much growth I had then. But for sure, I noticed that my scalp was healthier, less fallouts and helped with hair growth. My hair is now past my waist and I cut my hair about 6inches every 6 months to keep it about bellybutton length. I do highly recommend the Kaminomoto (gold label)to nourish the scalp to aid hair growth. Healthy scalp, healthy hair growth :)

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