A disappearing act

I can explain my disappearance to many things. The crazy work/uni schedules, life and the lack of inspiration to blog. Since then, the beau and I have been distraced by moving dramas, The move (to an awesome area nevertheless!), the homelessness, the 30th!! (shiet, I am halfway over that number already???!!!), the newfound business that blossomed from a hobby (and indulgent HK purchase) and to new shoes of course! Then came the 31st. I cooked dinner for the girlfriends, D, S, Z and A. The 30somethings clan! Three of us shared birthdays in the same zodiac sign (jeez, like I ever believed in those kinda shiet) so we shared a cake shaped in a semi naked torso of a man. No prizes for anyone who guesses which part of the cake we ate first ;) Fast forward to present day. We're just back from a holiday to paradise, where to us, what defines paradise is the ability to switch off, have cold beers overlooking the ocean and be surrouned by the rich blue sea. The beau had found a new found love for underwater photography and he takes awesome photos at his first go too! I found love and serenity underwater where it is so foreign and scary yet so peaceful and beautiful at the same time. As we speak, we have new photos printed up on our walls from the trip. Impromtu furniture reshuffling at 10pm (wtf, i know) and suddenly our living room opened up! In a nutshell, where have I been? Still here, living life with my two favorite boys :) Maybe this blog will take on a new spin ? Or maybe not?


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