Bioderma, Olay Pore Minimizing Scrub and a wee beauty haul

Okay, so I am a little inspired to put up a blogpost about some things I picked up before I flew off for Christmas and also some items I picked up in Australia. I did go a bit mad from shopping there at the outlet shops and promised my gfs that next year I will be buying for them as well! The clothing haul will be in a separate post (provided that I stay motivated to blog, ha!)

First and foremost, I picked up the Bioderma Solution Micellaire for sensitive skin. Note that I have Normal/Combination Skin, but I picked the sensitive skin option just to be on the safe side.

Usage experience:
First tried this product after a long day of errands with light makeup (ZA Two Way Powder, eyebrows, mascara and blush). Using a cotton pad and probably a few drops of the product cleaned almost my entire face of makeup. Then went on a second cleansing to make sure I got rid of all traces of mascara. Very promising right? So the product was put to the test again, this time with a full face of makeup. I semi soaked the single cotton pad with the product and within minutes, I was almost stripped bare of all makeup. Mind you, waterproof mascara sometimes can be really difficult to remove and usually eye makeup removers are super oily and sting my eye. A second cleansing just mopped up anything the first cleaning left behind. I was floored! Non-oily, no chemical smell (it's an unscented product) and truly lived up to the raves of so many beauty gurus online.

Where to buy: Selected Guardian Pharmacies and 
Price: $25 (I think, at the time of purchase) for 250ml. 
Verdict: Wow. A must try if you haven't! This is my holy grail of makeup cleansers for sure!

Next I picked up the Garnier Instant Fairness BB Moisturizer. After hearing some reviews, decided to try this out and see what the hype was all about. This product comes in only 1 shade, the formulation seems to suit light to medium Asian skin tones. The product goes on smooth and feels light after application. Coverage is pretty light and a concealer is still necessary for major blemishes. Personally, after half a day without blotting, my skin is look slightly shiny (still experimenting with a different setting powder, and it seems promising! Stay tuned for updates. 

Where to buy: Watson's, Guardian Pharmacy, well any drugstore it seems now. 
Verdict: Promising, but will not be repurchasing again just because I would like to try other BB creams.

In Australia, I picked up a few things as well. Hopping over to our local BigW, I spied a few items which are unavailable from our local Singapore stores which I was dying to try. 

Saw this Olay Pore Minimizing Scrub first from TiffanyD (YouTube channel here ) and I really wanted to try it just because its from Olay! The product comes in a pump tube which is always a big plus because its more hygienic and you won't get water seepage. Look at the candy stripes of the product! I love that the green part of the product actually is a gel scrub and has little beads which gently exfoliates the skin. The white creamy stripes is actually the cleanser bit which helps clean dirt and impurities. 

Where to buy: , or for Australians, your local Priceline, BigW, Woolworths should carry them. 
Price: USD6.99 (therabouts) or AUD18 (me thinks, not too sure, correct me please!)
Verdict: I love this product! It is non drying and gentle enough for daily use so far and sloughs dead skin and grime allowing fresh glowing skin to show through. 

Next up, the ever so raved Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter. I got two colors to try, one a nude color and the other a richer color to give an idea to how pigmented or how sheer the lip butters can go. I got the colors Red Velvet and Brown Sugar. I found out so far that only certain places do have these two colors. I have seen Brown Sugar sold at Sasa Holland Village. Else, I know that its hard to get the full range of colors in Singapore which is a shame coz they have such beautiful range of colors. I do love these lip butters, Brown Sugar is a gorgeous shimmery sheer nude color and Red Velvet is pretty pigmented for a lip butter its almost like a lipstick. The lip butters glide on really smooth and is very moisturizing. Downside, the lip butters are a little 'melty' in the tube, if you get what I mean and you will need to reapply a little bit throughout the day. 

Where to buy: , or for Australians, your local Priceline and BigW should carry them. 
Verdict: Its a pretty decent product with gorgeous shades to choose from. I would definitely repurchase this in different colors. 

Last but not least one of my favorites from this mini haul is the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Dark Circle Eraser. Omg, I cannot tell you how much I LOVE this product. Product contains extracts of Goji Berry and Haloxyl™. This product claims to diminish dark circles, fine lines and puffiness. The applicator is a unique sponge which they call micro-corrector applicator. Ok, fine. To me it blends really well, you twist up the product when you need it and the formula is very light and non-cakey. I personally use this every day under my eyes because it doesn't 'melt' off, doesn't smudge and its cheap! I use the color Medium and there are also choices for neutralizer and brightener too. 

Where to buy: , or for Australians, your local Priceline and BigW should carry them. 
Verdict: Its a pretty decent product with gorgeous shades to choose from. I would definitely repurchase this in different colors.

Recently, I used this service called Bezimi, a personal shopper/shopping site which allows you to purchases from websites such as Bath & Body Works and such. I cannot tell you how much I LOVE this company and their services because they are the best, really. I had a bad experience with Vpost that I swore to never use them again, and just in time, Bezimi came along. Go check out their services and please do support them! 

I am going to get a little more diligent in posting more stuff up on this blog. Its really getting too lonely (and dusty) around here! Till then, TTFN!


Unknown said…
Have you used MAC Prolong wear concealer before? How are they compared to the maybelline one?
loveforheels said…
Hey Gio, I have not used the MAC Prolong wear, but I have tried the Studio Finish before. I have heard that the Prolong Wear has great consistency without caking and gives has very good coverage. Skip the Studio Finish if you have lines around your eyes because it will emphasize it more (IMHO).

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