Monday, June 29, 2009

29th June 2009

Of Sci Fi soap opera and zebra pate.

Super casual day out to E@L's with SO.


almost fluorescent yellow MNG top - $9

light blue Zara denim shorts - $49 (???) courtesy of SO and his "those shorts will look HOT on you" days

While the boys were cursing and swearing at Cylons and hybrids, I kept myself busy giving myself a manicure with my new nail polish :) Decided to go for the lovely shade of fuschia for the whole summer look.



Sunday, June 28, 2009

June 28th, 2009

20 mins till E arrives with R. Me no drive, me in pain thanks to the weekend huff-and-puff @ Sentosa. We're heading to Queensway to get R's $20 jeans. "Cheap cheap, good good, last long long" As R says... cool!

Queensway is a good place to get sports gear, jeans (if you don't mind the no-brand jeans for a steal) and stuff, you'll never know what you may find for your needs and tastes. Cowboy boots? Lumberjack Jeans?

I ended up getting 2 pairs of FBT running shorts at $12 each. one in total black, and the other in black with a hot pink stripe almost on the trim of the shorts. Matchy-matchy with R! We're not planning to tell S about our matchy purchase (hehe! we love you, S)


Then we headed to Far East Plaza for some 'old school' eats at Cahaya Restaurant. I think the last time I had a meal there was at least 3 years ago. Nothing personal, but the food there isn't as good as I remembered and the smell of food just sticks to your clothes even if you just walk pass the eateries.

We wandered through the shops and there is this outlet which sells Mondo shoes at a bargain. Its like a bargain bin in a whole shop! Shoes as cheap as $3, $9.90 or $15.90 If you look around slowly, you might be able to find pretty heels, wedges, or strappies. I found silver pointy heels, with silver heels (very fierce) at $15.90 per pair, awesome black strappies at a steal for that dressy night out, platinum peeptoe wedges which can bring you from work to play. I dug up some treasures for R (new bf lah, totally inspired to look pretty you know!). She ended up with 2 pairs of shoes at $25!!! Bargain or what!

At this point, I was feeling kinda jealous that she got an awesome loot and I remembered that I was supposed to check Heatwave out for black strappy heels. I have trouble finding strappies which won't make my toes look like crinkle cut fries even more than they are now. I found this backless strappy black pair which is so so pretty :) at $39.90 after discount. Yay!



Next stop, Skin Food. Needed to get nail polish. Naked toes with no colour look ugly on me. With the current economic crunch, I decided to give my own pedicures and manicures and save that dollar for other indulges :)

So we ended the day with some tea at Starbucks United Square, a cuppa Camomile tea for R and a cuppa Berryblossom tea for me... Life's tough :)

Shoppaholic goes budget!

I love shopping*, well, so does any other woman. I'd call them a liar if they said they don't like to shop. Whether its shoes, bags, clothes, makeup or even books and stationery, its still shopping! Inspired by my ever so enthusiastic girlfriend, R, I decided to to drop the emo, and blog about my wardrobe, tips for finding the awesome-most deals and steals and Sales Sales SALES!!!

Not everyone can afford a $400 dress paired with $200 shoes (even if they are already 70% off retail price...) In my humble opinion, looking good doesn't require you to break the bank. All it takes is a good eye and open mind to the endless possibilities the fashion and retail world has to offer! :)

Here's to shoppaholics (including those who are in denial of being one)! xoxo

*understatement, really, I LOVE shopping