Monday, June 9, 2014

Estée Lauder Private Sale Haul

Up early on a Saturday after a full on night out. What for, you ask? Why, it's the inaugural Estée Lauder Private Sale of course! 

The bare faces of two women who got home at 3am and then started queuing at 9am. Need coffee! 

The mayhem of the sale venue. I must say from the years of going for these events, the choice of venue was a much better one since there were lots of space and much much less pushing from kiasu-kiasi people. 

The loot I ended up with. Wasn't too keen on the makeup because pretty much I had all the colours, (I don't need another shimmerbrick of similar tone, and another nude palette. I am actually lemming for either the Lorac Pro 1/2 & Lorac Unzipped haha!) 
Prices were actually pretty good if you use Clinique skincare especially. A bar of their mild soap cost $10 and the toners cost $10-$12. 

Starting with skincare, I got the much raves about Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream and the Bobbi Brown Soothing Cleansing Oil. I was on a hunt for good eye creams and cleansing oil for waterproof makeup removal. 

I got a small bottle of the Clinique Exfoliating Lotion. Just trying a small bottle in case I break out like I did close to 7 years ago when I used the whole range of Clinique Skincare. Nightmare! 

I got these three because I already had the automatic pen (picked that up at the airport eons ago) and needed the refills. 
At $10 each, I just grabbed the last 3 in shade Dark Brown. Hey, it's something that I use on a daily basis! And RRP for the refills are usually double the price.  

Inspired by essiebutton, the Clinique Quickliner for Eyes Intense in shade Intense Plum sucked me into getting it. 
It was a creamy formula that played on the eyes with its "is it plum, purple or navy?" So so pretty! 

Only 3 lip products ended up in my basket/plastic bag. 
Bobbi Brown Plum Shimmer: a sheer plum lipstick. 

Bobbi Brown Ruby Shimmer Lipstick: a sheer red wine tone with shimmers.

 Last of the three is Bobbi Brown Lip Gloss in Siren Red which is an orange-red lipgloss which has quite pigmented and has a jelly texture to it. 

Last in the bag was a MAC 215 medium shader brush. Which I needed, and was a steal compared to the RRP when not on sale.

Overall, I found that this time the sale had quite a selection of products, but I wasn't really interested in the products offered mainly because I was eyeing on other items like the Hourglass and Charlotte Tilbury makeup range and also Lorac Pro Palettes. So mainly I picked up more practical items when I needed. Clinique Skincare and Estée Lauder Skincare was going for a song and if you are using their skincare, this sale would be a great time to stock up. 

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Makeup MAYhem #3 (Belated!) - Mini Watsons Haul : Revlon Parfumerie Nail Polish,Essence Cosmetics, EOS, Queen Helene

A little gander with a girlfriend at Yew Tee means we had to pop into Watsons and check out the make up there. I was very impressed with the range of makeup available there. Loads of Japanese makeup and they had an Essence Cosmetics stand. 
I picked up these: 
I was just delighted to see that they had the new Revlon Parfumerie Nail Polishes stocked up with all the colours. I have been wanting to buy two shades in particular : African Tea Rose (I am a sucker for rose ANYTHING, except the flower. Haha!) and Ginger Melon. These colours are so spring and cheery, I just had to have them! Priced at $12.90 each

I also picked up the Essence Cosmetics XXXL Shine Lipgloss in the shade Glamour To Go. Such a pretty metallic nude which is very shiny and makes your lips look deliciously plump. No sticky feeling, gorgeous colour payoff on this one and the price? A whopping $3.90! The lipgloss comes with a pretty large applicator, which I think is a little overkill, but at the price, one can't fault it at all. 


Look at how beautiful the color is by itself, and will look absolutely beautiful over a nude lipstick to give that extra oomph and shine. These lipglosses are very moisturizing, not gloppy or sticky at all. 
You can bet I will be heading to get more colours sometime soon. *big grin* 

I had to try out Essence's mascaras just because the price range was ridiculously cheap, one could wonder what cheap as chips mascaras are even any good. Imagine this, price range of $4.50 - $5.90 (don't take my word for this, I am just plucking numbers off my head as I try to remember the prices).  Verdict: Huge-as* wand, and great smooth formula with no clumping. I had about two coats on, no smudging throughout the day and doesn't weigh down my eyelashes. I don't curl my lashes because they are not long to begin with and they have a slight curl to them already. Quite chuffed at this find! 

And let's take a moment here to admire the colour of this nail polish, shall we? 

Revlon Parfumerie Nail Polish in African Tea Rose. Yes, it does have a light tea rose scent once the polish dries. A cheerful fuchsia that puts a smile to anyone who loves pink, me thinks. Doesn't it? I haven't really had the Ginger Melon shade a full go, but a swatch on a few digits left me sniffing my fingers because they did smell like faint sweet melons! Ha! 

Well, it is the summer holidays and soon the GSS will make it's way around. What's your latest awesome find from the shops?