Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I have never really made a wishlist ever in my life for Christmas or for my birthday, I decided, hey why not this year *grin* :P

-the new Ipod Nano in pink. It comes with FM tuner!! Engraved with words of wisdom/love.
Get it from Apple Online Store and engraving is free.
Accessories such as protective sock, bling earphones are most welcome :)

erm... i dunno what else.

ah, now I know...

-English rose tea set (for days that I can invite my gfs over for tea and cupcakes :))

-English rose printed apron

-(almost) endless supply of Post-Its in different sizes and colours. Please don't give me plain boring Yellow Post Its.

-Vouchers to spend at Ikea

-Pink themed stationery

-Aqua Di Parma perfume

-Vouchers to spend at Charles & Keith

-A Blackberry Bold/Tour (just being hopeful here...)

-Martha Stewart Books

-Martha Stewart craft stuff (doily perforators, hole punchers, stickers, label makers, whatever you can find on )

Friday, September 11, 2009

Dinner with liberati morons and another work thing

I shall not even go near the moron bit.

The fluorecent pink dress from :) I love this to bits!
Nude heels from Aldo

Shirt and jeans combo for workpass phototaking session.

Details of belt

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Work formalities

Was fashionably and embarrasingly late. Got lost and drove along the same road TWICE. I hate the CBD. ERP gantries everywhere and everytime you make a wrong turn, you get out of the restricted area and then you have to pass yet another gantry. My stomach does a squeeze and a flip everytime I drive under those big blue things and my IU unit go 'beep'. STOP TAKING MY MONEY ALREADY!

Here's what I wore for the appointment.

I love the graphic prints on this dress.

Pardon the blurness, the SO took this photo and I was giggling at something he said.



Dress from this shop tucked away in Chinatown. Me and the group of girls I was with after having a birthday champagne brunch at Senso, stumbled along this shop on the way for our foot massages. Three of us got the same dress! Cute or what!