Saturday, June 26, 2010

MAC B2M Project

Remember my depotting project I did a few weeks ago? Well, I did a B2M with all my empties and look at the babies I got in exchange!

3 new Lippies!

For those who don't know, every 6 empty MAC containers can be exchanged for a lipstick over the Singapore counters. You can choose any colour except for the Viva Glam ones.

love love love!

(from left) Capricious-Lustre, Hug Me-Lustre and Cosmo-Amplified

I am now waiting for the MAC pro store in Ngee Ann City to stock up their empty blush palette (so I can exchange one empty eyeshadow palette which I got extra thinking that I had more eyeshadow pots). I have enough to do maybe 2 more B2M rounds! Wooohooo! New lippies and saving the earth!

Long overdue!

I did a little cheap haul to replace my old stuff which is disintegrating over time and use. Did some online shop at :

Mr Postman was my best friend that day :)

Everything was packed really nicely. Really thick bubble wrapping. I was impressed!


I bought 5 empty jars to fill them up with MAC pigments for a friend. She wanted to buy every colour I had, so I filled them up with 1/4 (actually more) teaspoon of every piggies I had. I already had like 12 empty jars, but wasn't enough, so I bought more. 5 empty jars for $3.

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Monistat Anti-Chafing Gel - Now, I know it sounds funny or icky, but there have been a lot of raves about this product. Used as a foundation primer, it helps your makeup stay put on your face longer. It contains the same active ingredient as expensive primers.

28-piece neutral palette - I don't have neutral eye colours believe it or not, and this is a really cheap alternative to have colours added to the collection :)

Mini-camouflage palette - I am almost running out of concealer, I got this because of the many shades I can use and blend according to my skin tone (I get really tanned at times so, this helps a lot! No opposite panda eyes!)

Essence of Beauty Deluxe Duo Face Brush set. No shedding so far, which is always good. I love the foundation and concealer brush. Helps 'paint' your foundation on and give that dewy finish.

Free ecoTools 6-piece brush set! Handles are made from bamboo, brush roll made from natural cotton and hemp and synthetic Taklon bristles which are surprisingly super super soft! You can try them at Watson's stores.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Tagged by E@L - Meme

Argh. I don't like memes. Being tagged, that is *frown*

1. Who was your 3rd grade teacher and were you in love with her? (Lesbian lust is OK, in fact even better.)

She was an older attractive unmarried (dunno what was wrong with her) woman who has really nice handwriting. She taught us english and music. She loved to pinch the naughty ones in class on the boobs. Boys or girls, no difference. Pinch, means pinch. I didn't get pinched, I was the teacher's pet *wink*

2. Is yours an examined life? If yes, did you find anything interesting?

Not really. I don't 'examine' my life, but I do constant reflection. Anything interesting? Yes, I have gone through the loss of my parent(s), divorce and retrenchment at a very young age. Stuff where normally people go though when they are pretty much going through a mid life crisis.

3. How high is the tallest mountain you have climbed, skied down, or tripped over (question for Singaporeans)?

The Jungfraujoch 3,471 m (11,388 ft) and Titlis 3,238 m (10,623 ft) in Switzerland. Does snowboarding count?

4. Speaking of storms, do you know, or DID you know, anyone who has been struck by lightning? Or indeed, by lighting?

Not that I can remember.

5. What do you like most about your job/studies/unemployment cheques?

Inspiring the young 'uns :) My unemployment cheque sucked.

6. Men: are you Miles or Jack? Women: are you Maya or Stephanie, Jack's fiancee or Miles' ex-wife? (You haven't seen Sideways? Why am I even talking to you?)

Who???? Is this an old people's movie?

7. Would you rather write best-selling pulp genre fiction, or an art-house novel that confirms your towering genius but that not even your most sympathetic friends would read, except MAYBE under threat of torture? Trick question, eh what?


8. Have you ever been on a cruise? On a ship I mean, not wearing leather and trying to pick up Mr Goodbar. If yes, did you fall in love on it, the cruise?

No. Would love to though, someday.

9. Other than "I think, therefore I am", can you quote a major philosopher NOW? Without having to look one up? (Descartes doesn't count, he was a mathematician.) Please share your quote, if you have one. (I'm thinking, this is a wasted question.)

Hehe. I just did this in class the other day. Quotes from 5 famous people/philosophers. Here's one I chose for for my subject - SCIENCE :)

An American monkey, after getting drunk on brandy, would never touch it again, and thus is much wiser than most men.
Charles Darwin

10. Do you pay for an online newspaper? If so, which one? (If you are about to say The Straits Times, please leave this blog immediately.)

No. Someone else pays for me :)


I am breaking the tag. I am not tagging anyone. HAH!