Saturday, April 24, 2010

Zara Mini Haul

Needed retail therapy and some replacements for work basics. So one lovely Sunday, after some yummy dim sum brunch at Cherry Garden (Mandarin Oriental), I went shopping with the beau in tow. I like shopping with the beau coz he's got pretty good taste in women's fashion :) After a quick hour, I ended up with these:

Love sometimes comes in paper bags :)

Beau got these for me <3 On sale at SGD59.90
Very versatile and surprisingly very comfy! Thank you darling!

Black and white basic tops. Worn mine out to death and its time for a replacement. SGD19.90 each.

Army green button down shirt dress. I LOVE military/safari colors. Can be buttoned up for work (and of course unbuttoned further for play *grin*)
SGD89.90 (?? I guess, can't really recall)

After shopping, its was off for beers and margaritas with the guys. Boyfriend in hand, shopping paperbags in his hands, what more can a girl ask for :)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

I can't believe...

.. that I stumbled across HER blog. (I am using caps to represent HER, because I do not want to mention names ok) Well, its not HER private blog, but still enough to give some revelations. Well, if I read correctly and by doing some math over some info I got over the internet, it could and would be right to say that SHE wrote about him! It wasn't a long entry but for that little paragraph. It was seriously a narcissistic and very mean entry. For all its worth, it just showed how much of an airhead, shallow bitch she is and for someone who writes in a leading woman's magazine, its bloody shocking!

I am very defensive over the people I love and for HER to dispel comments like that is truly unnecessary and pretty much I would just give HER a tight slap and ask "why the hell did you date him then? Why leave your stuff to 'mark your territory' when you don't even intend to stay long anyway? Desperate much?" Come on, just pretty obvious that you left for a much blonder, younger guy says so much already. From your desciption of the other guy whom you dates, handsome, ambitious, intelligent : but then you broke it off because you didn't feel a connection? Was this the one whom you were hoping to get married? The one you applied for the flat with? If you said that this was your immature self talking at the age of 24/25, don't you think you have the same thinking now? From what I read and see, it is pretty much the same sad, shallow superficial airhead. Give me a break!

And what's up with the ugly hairdo?